Dear Traveler, 


It is our sworn duty to be absolutely truthful to you...


To remind you of the trials and tribulations that we all face, that we attack together...


And of the promise to our audience that we will not sacrifice the quality of our art.


To be Homeric is to be in the manner of the great poet, Homer. Homer wrote magnificent works that stand and will continue to stand throughout all of time. Our goal is to honor that name with the tools at our disposal. Behind it all, a band of brothers who love what they do dearly.


We promise to give you stories that are carefully curated. We promise to provide something for you to ponder on. Something that questions the fabrics of your reality.


You will enter your imagination time and time again, in an experience unlike no other. Your journey will take you through the depths of Hell, up the mountains of repent, and into the glorious gates of Heaven and beyond in our adaptation of Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy”.


This is how we compose music. This is how we paint our world of art. This is how we write our poetry and words. For it is Homerik, forever Homeric.

 (Photo by Gus Philippas @guspinfocus)

 (Photo by Gus Philippas @guspinfocus)