Curse of the Black Nile


How far should you go?

The dark, damp ruins of the ancient pharaoh, Unas, draws your attention. A greedy, reckless tomb raider - you proceed.

There's nobody here.

Inscriptions are smeared along the cracked walls. They tell of valiant tales and stories betrothed by this old king. But only upon one door do you stop.

The light of your torch flickers as you hear whispers coming from this area of the tomb.

You touch the surface of this door. the light of your torch extinguishes.

There's nobody here...


The ancient pharaohs of Egypt believed their lives were everlasting and one with the gods. Through burial and rituals, their tombs were a place of sacred beliefs and earthly treasures. The ingenuity of the Egyptians felled raiders of all sorts, securing their belongings for thousands of years. Do not disturb the dead - stay back! Many have died from the mythical "curse of the pharaoh."

Like the ancient Egyptians, we all have our own reclusive desires to be left alone. Having been rejected by Coptic churches around the United States, Homerik wanted to do something special and create a curse for this piece in the old language. Instead, through academia, they found a real curse from the "Cannibal Hymn" of the pharaoh Unas: the ninth and last ruler of the Fifth Dynasty during the time of the Old Kingdom.








"Doers of destruction,
The Powers of Unas protect him!"

Verse 1:



For your error!


Is on you!


You so foolish


Enter here? 


Chorus 1:


"Overcast is the sky, darkened the stars,
quiver the vaults of heaven, trembles the earth,
It's Djasirtap, the cobra, who guards them
It's Hartarwat, the bloody-willow, who binds them for him"


"Overcast is the sky, darkened the stars,
quiver the vaults of heaven, trembles the earth,
It's Shezmu - cuts them up for Unas
and cooks for him their pieces!"

Verse 2:



Unas, Ho-Rah!

Khafra, Ramses!

Seti, Tutankhamun!)


The wings of the fallen

Have condemned your soul,

Your name won't exist,

In the land of pharaoh.

We'll starve out your people

Their spirits will burn,

The ground must be fed by

the blood of your sons...


The blood of your sons!

And the tears of your daughters!

The Nile will turn,

Black as the name you once knew as your own!

Your ultimate breath,

Filled with the pain you exert on the dead!

Anubis has fed,

Your soul to the ones who all hail to Osiris!






Verse 3:



Unas, Ho-Rah!

Khafra, Ramses!

Seti, Tutankhamun!)


All people who enter this tomb,

Make evil against it and destroy it,

Will be miserable and persecuted,

Shall have no heir,

And be cooked together with the condemned,

For death comes on wings

To he who enters the tomb of a pharaoh.


Chorus 2:


"It is Khonso, the knife-of-the-lords,
who cuts their throats for Unas!
Tears off for him their innards
he, his messenger of sacrifice!
As a god who lives on his fathers,
Who feeds on his mothers,
Unas - the bull of the sky, bloody & aggressive,
Who lives on the beings of gods!"