The Balance of Power



Words of wisdom do not hold secrets, they beget truth.

The truth of intentions and ignorance; from others unto you and you unto the world.

For knowledge is life, joy, and being. It is, otherwise, a burning home.



"The Balance of Power" is a piece rooted in feelings of angst, jealousy, and sibling rivalry. It is a feud of differences among likeness and similarities; a relationship between those siblings and a test of character. It's ambitious, progressive sound is set within the cultures of Eastern Asia and is a fortification of the word "power."

In the land of contrasts, Asia provides a wealth of languages and diversity. Witness a combination of Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and Tuvan throat singing as you listen to the thunderous taiko drums of Japan. Like festivals of old, such huge drums were used to sing to the gods. In retrospect, it is fitting for such a bombastic score to describe to the majesty of dragons.








" 'If thou art reckless,
Behold my frenzied dance of earth and sky.
If thou art wise,
Kiss my cheek with pride.'
This is what the Old One said."
"Do not wake him,
You are not ready."


Verse 1:




Come and face me,

Because I need to fucking release!

Show the world what I truly am!

Death to one, the eternal king!


Verse 2:


Who disturbs my eternal slumber?

Thou wak'st me,

Ye, ignorant of elden pansophy,

'Bandon thy hollow heart,

This temple of peace.




"With every life, there is death.
With every joy, there is sorrow.
With every being, there is spirit."

Verse 3:


I've been waiting for your demise,

They say you're beyond my expectations,

I say, rot and die!

As I rise, you shall fall,

Bow down as I transcend,

Bow down to your usurper!




"See what has been done,
By folly of your arrogance."


I will take what is rightfully mine,

And destroy who is next there in line,

I will be the supreme!

End these ties, gray as your fucking lies,

All the suffering things I despise,

I'll dethrone you from your crest!


Die?! Immortal, am I;

Begetter and butcher of worlds!

Bend to thy decadence!

Dissipate unto oblivion!


Fury! So effervescent, mine!

Terror is what I deed to thee,

Humble before me imbecile!

These voices will guide thee to see!






This, the balance of power!