The Daemon

(Of Famine): Andrew Petriske

Andrew Michael Petriske is The Daemon of Famine; a lyricist as well as the lead vocalist of Homerik. Andrew was born in San Diego, California to Iris Tirado and Michael Paul Petriske and grew up in Bronx, NY since the age of three. Playing in multiple local bands including Angelic Rapture, Slaughterific, Decimate the Living, and Omen Faculty (among others), Andrew is a self-taught vocalist. Andrew listened to thousands of records in order to learn from and mimic those he admired. Starting with Korn's "Issues" release in 1999 and the song "Falling Away From Me", he would practice alone and with his bandmates in numerous Metal styles. His philosophy on the matter, "I just go with what feels natural," is also how Andrew approached performing on every Homerik title.

Andrew became a part of Homerik about a year later after lead composer, Ken Candelas, met him for the first time at their day job. Ken had offered to record Andrew's audition tape for another band and, soon afterwards, Andrew returned the favor for Ken's own school project in The City College of New York. It wasn't long after that when the two wrote the lyrics to "The Legion" while at work. Bonding many times over a pint of Guinness, the two never looked back.

Andrew believes that Homerik gives their recordings the authentic energy that is missing in many records today, akin to how records were made before the digital revolution. "There are not a lot of bands out there that like to take risks -- to jump -- and make the extra step to go the extra mile. What Homerik tries to do is be different." Currently hard at work on the next album, Andrew wants to continue to enhance the original sound and storytelling of Homerik through more in-depth stories and lyrics and include a darker, even more blackened musical palette.