THE Gatherer

(Of War): Obed Gonzalez

Obed Rene Gonzalez-Matos is The Gatherer of War; a lyricist and vocalist for Homerik. Born to Zaida Matos and Nelson Gonzalez in San Juan, Puerto Rico and raised in Bronx, NY since the age of two, Obed always wanted to be part of music when he fell in love with writing at an early age. His father was a gigging salsero in the local scene for many years. Growing up, Obed attended several concerts and studio sessions alongside his father. However, an influence in his writing development, Obed never truly showed his father the interest he had in music. It became a private hobby. Instead, Obed performed in school plays and considered pursuing drama. He decided to use that inspiration towards his personal writing.

During his downtime, Obed listened to a variety of music. Gravitating to his urban roots in Reggaetón, Reggae, Rock, Hip Hop, Rap, and Freestyle, Obed was introduced to Homerik by Andrew Petriske and Ken Candelas and is living proof that listeners outside of the Metal genre can truly appreciate and love Homerik's work. Andrew, a life long friend to Obed, was convinced to incorporate him in the music. Obed entered the studio to record vocals for "Unforgotten Kin" and his overwhelmingly successful delivery inspired a fruitful endeavor for years to come.

Today, Obed writes for Homerik as a lyricist and is currently working on new material for the band. In his words, "Homerik started with a family that never knew they were a family; Friends dream -- brothers do." Obed seeks to make a difference and give back to his community. His goal is to continue pushing Homerik's message for peace and artistic integrity out into the world and looks forward to performing live epic shows on stage internationally.