The Legion


Thunder in the night beckon at god's call.

My musket's chamber is wet as i sit in silence.

The sound of hooves march in our direction; My fellow militia ready themselves for what may be their last breath. Lightning cracks the sky and reveals our scarlet red enemy.

I scurry to clean my weapon. they approach ever so close as I rest the barrel in between the trunks of a connected tree.

these are our woods...



Revolutions are born in the midst of a demand for change. Like the forefathers of the United States of America, humanity fights for freedom and independence. Freedom from racism, oppression, greed, and false judgement of others to being truly independent and tolerant of all walks of life. To respect and learn from each other, and to punish those that would prefer us to stay ignorant and blind.

The American Revolution is one of our species' many defining moments. Through thick mud and forested areas, the colonial militia worked together to overthrow the influence of one of the world's most powerful countries. Performed in a Folk Metal style, The Legion is sung by fervorous individuals and is the anthem for the coming wave of change. A global revolution.








Look over there!

(Over there! Over there!)

Trolling the square,

Fucking tainting the air!


Stabbing the souls

Of the meek and the bold,

(My rights! Our rights!)

They're not for you to hold!


(Ironed tusks!)

(Shields and spears!)

Riding on their horses

With their hooves called "Just"


Such full of shit!

They are nothing but rust!


Can you feel the rage

Of the mob (Hoo!), from the burg? (Hah!)

Thirty thousand leagues

From the sea to the earth


Serrating our sides

While they hear our cries, (Roar)

Laughing at our pain

It's a sick smile they gain.


Providence burns,

A Black Death mask,

Conformity dies,

No one learns


(Fraud! Fraud!)

They are masking the truth,

Cut the silver-tongue

Void and full of lies!




Time is a cancer to their bones,

and their rule over the land,

We won't back down, our ambitions bared.


Rise from the ashes and the tar,

There is blood on every hand

Cower not, we will prevail!



Fight with your might,

For the ones you must defend, your

Fire 'pels the night,

And the stout invaders!


Fists in the sky,

With the swords of the brave

Tears in their eyes, they are here with no fear!


No fear!




To resolve a decree

That is vexed from its knees,

Take from the head

All the poisonous lead



They cried,

All betrayed and lied

Thrown to the ground

Everyone is around


Trapped like a herd

By the bevy of birds,

Ancestral old sod

Where they capture the cod


(Here they come!)

Like a ravaging storm,

Crashing down

The corroding doors


The horde destroys with a gallant stampede,

Legions form which no one can heed,

So righteous and true in faith they fought,

Collecting the souls while the bodies rot!


A foul stench grazes sanguine fields

Even so, no one yields,

Clashes of iron, and metal, and steel,

Beat 'em down so no one heals!


CHORUS (Reprise):


Rise from the ashes and the tar,

There is blood on every hand

Cower not, we will prevail!