The Night Walker

(of Death): Cory Boyle

Cory Anthony Boyle is The Night Walker of Death; a composer and the lead guitarist of Homerik. Born in Waterford, Michigan and raised by Lori Haas and Robert Boyle, Cory was always bouncing between The Bronx and Virginia Beach in his elementary years—adapting to new environments but often feeling alone in his childhood. This developed a close bond between his siblings.

Cory began his creative ventures in the fourth grade. Awarded with the Senator’s Award in his fifth grade class, he was on track to developing his artistic tendencies throughout middle school and into high school. He picked up the guitar as a hobby during his education in Fine Art at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts where he discovered many musical influences including Alexi Laiho, Jason Becker, Jeff Loomis, Yngwie Malmsteen and many more legendary guitar virtuosos. Soon after, his parents transferred him from Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School to PNW BOCES Technical School in Yorktown Heights, NY where he became valedictorian of his class upon graduation—a testament to his adaptability.

Cory and Ken Candelas began planting the seeds of Homerik in 2008 while they were still in high school. Their first iteration of collaborative work was produced under the name “Opus”. Soon after, Cory transferred from their high school to another and reunited with Ken during their collegial years. Their reunion gave birth to their first official Homerik title “The Legion” in the summer of 2014 at the Sonic Arts Center in The City College of New York, just before Andrew Petriske joined the group. After working on Homerik for several months, Cory went on hiatus with the project. His return during the autumn of 2017 conjured fresh, new ideas to develop with the band.

A stickler for technique and completely self-taught, Cory listened to many records at a time, transcribing guitar solos and rhythms to grow in his musicianship. Finding creativity within melancholia, Cory is heavily inspired by classical and video game music. His insomnia allows inspiration to flow in the abnormally late hours of the night. With very impulsive ideas, Cory tries to keep it as organic as possible. Nothing is forced. Everything is intentional. Currently working on Homerik’s next release, Cory wants to create something that will influence the lives of others. He also believes that the world needs to stop worrying about the choices of others, and start thinking on a grander scale on what will help the world grow and prosper.